PBOTD 26th October: Alexa Romanes - The Gift Horse

Today's PBOTD is the second pony book by Alexa Romanes. In the first, Save the Horses (1983), heroine Kelsie comes down from London to spend the summer with Roger and Toby at Crantock, their parents’Cornish farm and home for ill-treated horses. When she gets there, she steps straight into a financial crisis. The three friends try to help and their lives become very busy indeed, coping with ponies and jobs and trying to sort out the problems caused by the new and badly run local riding school. 

In the next book, The Gift Horse (1985) Kelsie is training to be a riding instructress and living with the Lanyons on their farm-cum-riding stables. Her life is perfect but for one thing: she desperately wants a horse of her own. She ends up with a skewbald gelding from the circus, who has been trained to buck people off...
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