Here are some links to author interviews I've done:

Caroline Akrill – author of the Eventers Trilogy.This interview is on the Silver Bridle Trilogy, which we didn't cover in the first interview. The first interview is on my main website.

Peggie Cannam – author of She Wanted a Pony, Triple Bar etc

Kate Cuthbert –  author of For the Love of Fly

Maggie Dana – author of the Timber Ridge Riders series

Jane de Bargue Hubert – author of Water Wagtail

Patricia Leitch – author of the Jinny series and much, much more.

Katharina Marcus – author of Eleanor McGraw, Boys Don't Ride and The Boy with the Amber Eyes.

Belinda Rapley – author of the Pony Detectives series

Janet Rising – author of the Pony Whisperer series and former editor of PONY Magazine


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