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If you were a pony-mad child in the sixties and seventies

(With more than a nod to Horse and Hound, who have done similar things for the 80s and 90s.) Elephant-ear jodphurs were still a thing The Jacatex page in PONY Magazine was something you poured over for hours at a time, trying to work out if there was some way you could magic together the enormous amount of shillings necessary to get the ‘Pat’ riding mac. Or the ‘Pat’ hacking jacket. Or the ‘Pat’ jodphurs. Anything, really, that wasn’t the elephant ear jodphurs that were about third-hand when you got them. Reading PONY Magazine cover-to-cover, even Pat and Pickles, which somehow you never really took to. Knowing Jill’s Gymkhana off by heart. And Jackie Won a Pony . And I Had Two Ponies . And No Mistaking Corker . And any other pony book you could get your hands on. Riding ponies up from the field in just a headcollar. You had a hat as a small nod to health and safety. Your riding teacher thinking that standing on the pony’s quarters as it was going