What to read?

What I review on this blog is generally horse-related, mostly for children, although adult literature and some non-fiction appear too. I believe passionately that children who happen to be readers of what's considered genre fiction should have decent stuff to read. Just because something's written within a genre, it doesn't have to be bad.  Children shouldn't be short changed.

If your child is pony-mad, then you at least have somewhere to start if you want to get them interested in books. What I aim to do on this page (and on my website) is pick out the good stuff; the books that are well written, as well as including the all-important horse.

Here's some recommendations from what I've read:

For older readers:
For a confident reader:
For the younger reader:
Adult fiction:
  • Hannah Hooton's Share and Share Alike - entertaining romance set in the racing world
  • Natalie Keller Reinert's Ambition - brilliantly written eventing story
  • Kit Ehrman's At Risk - rollicking detective fiction
Adult non fiction:

Updated 27th October 2014: alas pressure of work has meant I've had to curtail active reviewing, but this list still stands as a worthwhile place to start an equine reading journey.

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