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Morning walk, 30th April 2012

Sun! At last. On the downside, ground's like a skating rink and my welly has split. Dratted Dunlop wellies. Have only had them a few months. Last lot were a failure too.  

Special offer on American horse books this weekend

SPECIAL OFFER this weekend - 30% off all American horse books .  Strike now before the postage rates go up on Monday.  Here's a few examples of what's on offer: CW Anderson: Heads Up - Heels Down was £8.00, now £5.60 Dorothy Potter Benedict: Pagan the Black - was £15.00, now £10.50. Ruth and Latrobe Carrolls' Tough Enough's Pony  - was £15.00, now £10.50 Inez Hogan's charming Twin Colts   - was £20.00, now £14.00 Helen Oakley - The Ranch by the Sea - was £6.00, now £4.20.

Morning walk, 27th April 2012

Just wet today. Water running down the back of my neck.

Morning walk 26th April

A day late, I know. Technology is not my friend at the moment, having been bereft of internet access for the last 24 hours. We're now back. Apologies for the quality of the photos, which were taken with my mobile, main camera issues still not being sorted out! One of the first things I was told when moving into this village is that it was "first with the wind, last with the rain." Generally, this is right, though now we have extra, added rain.

Postage rates

As from 30th April, the British Post Office is raising its prices. They usually raise them every year, but this year they are going up by a lot. The main burden is falling on small parcels and overseas mail. What affect will this have on my prices? For UK customers, not a huge amount. I will be increasing my standard charge from £3.25 to £3.50.  A single paperback will go up to £2.00, from £1.80.  The rates for additional paperbacks will have to go up from £1.00 to £1.50, as once the parcel is past a certain thickness (and 2 paperbacks will do it ) they have to be sent via packet mail, for which there is now a flat rate of £2.70 up to 750g. The Post Office has raised its overseas charges some cases by nearly 40%. This does alas mean I have to make increases in the p&p charges for orders going overseas. Australisia has now been placed in a zone of its own, which is even more expensive, but I not be making any extra charges for Australian customers, other than the general increas

Morning walk, 25th April 2012

The astute will notice a total lack of photographs here. This is due to complete failure of camera, which I am hoping is due to the batteries having failed. Totally. I'll keep you posted on that one. I can tell you it was slightly drizzly, and that I'm glad I walk early as shortly after I got back the rain really got going. And it's stayed that way.

Morning walk - 24th April 2012

Still wet. Not many photos today as the camera batteries gave out on me. Really is about time I replaced them. Still no idea what the mystery flower is ( see previous post ). It's the wrong colour for the Scilly Isles mini pansy, though I think must be some kind of viola. It definitely has viola-like leaves.

Morning walk, 23rd April 2012

Muddy. And a mystery flower (scroll down).     Cow Parsley (I think).   Shepherd's Purse This is the mystery flower. At first I thought it was a violet. It's much smaller than Heartsease. I found some last year on one of my other walks, but couldn't find out what the flower was then either. Dandelion. Primrose  Bugle

Morning walk: April 20th, 2012

Sunny today: grass pearls everywhere.