Morning walk, 23rd April 2012

Muddy. And a mystery flower (scroll down).



Cow Parsley (I think).
Shepherd's Purse

This is the mystery flower. At first I thought it was a violet. It's much smaller than Heartsease. I found some last year on one of my other walks, but couldn't find out what the flower was then either.





the mystery flower looks a lot like a Johnny-jump-up...that's such a familiar flower over here though that it seems unlikely it's equally familiar in your part of the world!
Jane Badger said…
I had a look - I think a Johnny-Jump-Up is the same as our Heartsease. This flower is much, much smaller. The flower's about half an inch tall.
Could it be this tiny little thing, a dwarf pansy?,%20Dwarf.htm

And thanks for getting my mind rolling this Monday morning after the resident child's spring break from school...I didn't know that pansies and violets both belong to the genus Viola.
callmemadam said…
Could your mystery plant be a tiny toadflax? I've never seen one like that in the wild.
Jane Badger said…
I'm not sure if it's a toadflax - I had a closer inspection this morning and the leaves definitely seem viola-like. I'll have another try tomorrow and photograph it (camera batteries gave out today!)

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