Morning walk

Another drear day, but the rain does make wonderful pearls on the grass.


Keira said…
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That little purple flower in the last photo is something that grows prolifically in my garden and p-patch. Every year I identify it, but forget what it is the next year when I see it again. Bugleweed...? What do you call it? I have to research it yet again...
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Ah ha. The other culprit was deadnettle, which as it turns out is a kind of bugleweed. An invasive kind. Glad I figured that out or I wouldn't be able to sleep nights (even though it still means I have to eradicate the stuff from my vegetable bed...)
Jane Badger said…
There is some bugle on the other side of the path - I spotted it today and will try and photograph it tomorrow. The kind we have here has a darker purple flower and dark foliage. Good luck eradicating your deadnettle from the veg patch!

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