Morning walk, 30th April 2012

Sun! At last. On the downside, ground's like a skating rink and my welly has split. Dratted Dunlop wellies. Have only had them a few months. Last lot were a failure too.



Sue Howes said…
Wellies are an issue. I use them a lot and was going through a pair every three months or so. I've had Dunlops, and all sorts, none lasted more than a few months. Some didn't even last weeks.
So I bought a Very Expensive pair of Aigle wellies, it hurt to pay that much for them BUT they are now on their second year and still OK. And they are warm!
When I think I was spending about £20 every three months, they don't even seem that dear to me now.

The worst time to find a split in your wellies is when you are washing them off in a stream...
Jane Badger said…
Wellies are Not What They Were. I used to expect them to last at least a year but now it's just a few months, as you say. I think I'll have to start saving up for some Aigle. I've just had a look and the prices weren't as bad as I was expecting.
Yes, washing your wellies off in a stream and finding the leak is bad. In fact it's very bad, particularly if you're some distance from home.
madwippitt said…
I'm sick to the back teeth of splitting wellies. Back in the good old days when Hunters were first invented trhey lasted at least a year doing heavy duty on the yard. Now they are useless. And every other welly I try does the split up the seams thing too. When I complain I'm told that it's because my feet are so wide - having spread after spending a lifetime in wellies I might point out - but I blame the manufacturing. It's always on a seam! And as it's their fault my feet are in this parlous state, maybe they ought to manufacture boots that take spread-foot syndrome into consideration. grrrrr.
There, feel much better now. Although the feet are still wet.
Jane Badger said…
The feet are too wide thing is rubbish. My feet are very narrow, and I always buy wellies at least a size too big so I can get more socks on in the winter and my wellies still split. Oh wait, no, maybe it is my fault, because I've got FEET.

And Dunlops used to last a good year if not more too. It's only recently they've been so utterly c**p. I join you in ranting. And in wet feet.

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