PBOTD 18th October: Christine Leslie - Four Start a Riding Club

Today's PBOTD is another book that's more notable for its illustrator than anything else. Christine Leslie's Four Start a Riding Club (1963) is one of those books which had sunk into total obscurity. I first ferreted it out myself when I wrote about Anne Bullen for Fidra Books' newsletter. It was cheap as chips at the time as no one else had even heard of it, so I hoovered up a copy. 

Sadly the book wasn't an undiscovered gem. The Tollhouse Riding Club is launched by Karen, Gilla, John and Patrick. They don’t agree about much, and have some healthy fights about how to do things, but do in the end manage to get the Riding Club going successfully. And that's about it, really.

Illustrator of the book, Anne Bullen, died young at the age of 50 in 1963, and Four Start a Riding Club was the last pony book she illustrated. If you follow my Facebook page, keep watching, because I have an exciting Anne Bullen related giveaway coming up.

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