PBOTD 13th October: Victoria Eveleigh - Joe and the Race to the Rescue

I know HOYS has finished, but the organisers had, sadly, failed to extend the show for an extra day so I can fit in all of the HOYS books I wanted to feature. So, there's one more HOYS book today, and that's Joe and the Race to the Rescue  (2014), the last in Victoria Eveleigh's Joe trilogy. 

In this book, Joe has outgrown his first pony Lightning, and has another brilliant games pony - Fortune - on loan. Fortune, however, is not the same pony Lightning was. Not at all, and Joe can't seem to work out how to ride her. Fortune is beginning to frighten him. Help comes from an unexpected source: at his aikido class, Joe learns to visualise calm. From his traveller neighbour, Nellie, he learns that horses live in the moment, and that Fortune needs to learn to trust him. Slowly, and carefully, Joe and Fortune begin to build their relationship. Fortune emerges as a real pony, not something who's the vehicle of Joe's wants and desires.

Joe does in the end succeed at getting to the Prince Philip Cup with the local Pony Club, but there's much more to the book than that. Besides thrilling gymkhana games you get Shires, and floods, and adventure. 

The Joe Series
Joe and the Hidden Horseshoe
Joe and the Lightning Pony
Joe and the Race to the Rescue

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