PBOTD 14th August: Decie Merwin - Holiday Summer

American author Decie Merwin wrote possibly one of the best holiday pony books, Holiday Summer. Originally published in America as Somerhaze Farm, the book was inspired by Decie's experiences of Kent and Sussex when she lived there as a young woman. She'd loved horses since she was young, so combining the two loves must have seemed an obvious thing to do.

Decie in 1917
Holiday Summer was published by Collins Seagull, and then in an even cheaper version by the Children's Press, so the book is easy to find, and not at all expensive. The UK version has a front cover by Sheila Rose: I assume the original cover was by Decie herself. Although lovely, the book's UK publishers presumably felt a cover more in keeping with the general run of bright, sunlit covers was what was required. The subject matter is exactly the same: two girls riding away from a farm, but the treatment is very different.

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