PBOTD 8th August: Jane McIlvaine - Cammie's Cousin

Today's PBOTD is by American author Jane McIlvaine (also known as Kane McIlvaine McClary). She wrote a short series of books about a girl called Cammie. She visits Ireland with the Courtney family, and is asked at the last minute to show a pony at the Dublin Horse Show.

Some of the author's own pony-based experiences were rather less exalted. She went to a one-room school in Middleburg, Virginia. To get there, she rode her pony, but as the pony usually galloped off home during the day, she had to walk home. Her fictional heroine Cammie did rather better.

The Cammie Series
Cammie’s Choice
Cammie’s Challenge
Cammie’s Cousin
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