PBOTD 2nd December: Elizabeth Whitbread - A Good Christmas for Riding

Today's PBOTD is an Australian book. I have actually just bought myself a copy of this, as I found one on Abe, as you do. Several people have told me how much they enjoyed the author's books, so this one will be a Christmas present to me from me, particularly as it's the only one of her books I've found where the shipping is even halfway affordable.

Helen Barrett, who also wrote under the name Elizabeth Whitbread, was born in 1942, in Hindmarsh, South Australia. Under the name Helen Barrett, she wrote three horse stories, and as Elizabeth Barrett, three as "A Good  ...... for Riding". A Good Christmas for Riding is the second of the books. Sadly, although two more books were planned, Helen Barrett died before she could complete them.

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