PBOTD 27th December: Gillian Baxter - Ponies by the Sea

Today's PBOTD doesn't fit in brilliantly to the panto theme I thought I'd fit in between now and New Year, but this is all my own fault because I'd already used Gillian Baxter's Pantomime Ponies earlier in the year.

So, today's book is Ponies by the Sea, which is another from the same series. Actually, I will bung Pantomime Ponies  in too, just because I can, so here it is:

The series is about the ponies Magic and Moonshine, who work on stage. In Ponies by the Sea, Magic and Moonshine have been taken to the seaside to star in a summer show. There. I told you it didn't fit in to the theme. Or the season. Couldn't fit in less, in fact. But there you go. If the weather's vile after Christmas (I am writing this well before), it's always good to look forward to the better weather, so that's what this post's here to do. Look forward to a time we can paddle in the sea with our trousers rolled up and not need to be treated for hypothermia.

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