PBOTD 18th December: Suzanne Reynolds - Snowy the Christmas Foal

Today's book is one I hadn't heard of until I bought another collection of old PONY Magazines recently. The November 1962 edition reviewed Suzanne Reynolds' Snowy the Christmas Foal, which is a book 10 year old Suzanne wrote and illustrated herself. It's based on Suzanne's own pony, and is the rather sweet story of Snowy, who is born on Christmas Eve night. Snowy is a Christmas present for Mary, who whilst pleased with the kitten and sweets she gets for Christmas, had been hoping for a pony. Snowy and Mary (and a puppy) go on to have lots of adventures before Snowy is old enough to be broken in.

Col C E G Hope, editor of PONY and chief reviewer, wasn't always a fan of works by the junior writer ("I tend," he said, "to view published juvenilia of this kind with suspicion,") but he liked this book, calling it "charming" with "extremely promising illustrations."

The book was published to raise funds for the Institute of Cancer Research, because Suzanne Reynolds died in February 1962, when she was 10. The book was written in the last few months before she died. ICRF printed 5000 copies, and sold out within 12 hours.

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Cancer Research (formerly the Institute of Cancer Research)
Eugene Register-Guard, September 30, 1962, retrieved 24.11.2014


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