PBOTD 2nd June: Peter Grey - Kit Hunter, Show Jumper in The Wild One

Peter Grey wrote a twelve book adventure series in the early 1960s all about Kit Hunter, her horse and her adventures. Not just any adventures: Kit got to see the world.

World Books, 1959, 1st edn
She goes to South America, tours Europe, visits Australia, Singapore, Spain, Ireland, America, and the fictional country of Adriana, where she helps royalty. The stories were galloping bouts of escapism.

1970s reprint
 Kit is immensely talented, full of charm, and of course she can ride like a dream.

1980s reprint
I didn't read these as a child, but I did hang on to most of the series when I sold up the book business. And there they still sit, difficult to miss in their ultra bright jackets, willing me to read them.

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