PBOTD 13th June: Ruby Ferguson - Jill's Riding Club

PBOTD for 13th June is one of my bestsellers, Ruby Ferguson's Jill's Riding Club. Jill always sold, in any edition and in pretty well any condition. People wanted the editions they'd read as a child, and then they'd often come back looking for the hardbacks or the Armada paperbacks, with their amazing period illustrations (and full texts - the Knight editions were cut).

Hodder, 1st edition, 1956
Hampton Library edition

Armada pb,1964
Knight, pb, 1969

Knight, pb, 1975
Knight, pb, 1982

Knight, pb, 1980s

Knight, pb, 1990s
 For much more on Jill, see my website


grackle1 said…
Yikes! Really? All the Knight editions were cut?? The ones I grew up with? Eek!All the more reason for me to track down the hardbacks!!

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