PBOTD 20th June: K M Peyton - The Last Ditch

K M Peyton's The Last Ditch is the last of the Maybridge series. In the earlier books, Ruth gets pregnant and it nearly breaks her relationship with Patrick. There's more teenage pregnancy in this book: Jonathan's brief fling with Iris on holiday in Greece  has resulted in her getting pregnant, and Jonathan bolts.

OUP, 1984, 1st edn
Peter is also on the run. He wants to train one of his brother’s horses, Dogwood, for the National. They take the horse and squat in a large house, existing on Jonathan’s income from tutoring. Jonathan falls for a girl who helps them, and the horse does run in the National.

USA printing, Philomel, 1983
It's another brilliant novel about coping with huge, life-changing events.

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