PBOTD 24th June: K M Peyton - Flambards in Summer

The third book in the Flambards series, Flambards in Summer, sees Christina returning to Flambards. Now a widow, she is not the only one returning: Dick, the groom who taught her to ride, is back too.
The estate is badly run down, and Christina sets about restoring it. And she marries Dick.

OUP, 1969, illus Victor Ambrus
In a romantic novel, this would probably be enough: at last the two sweethearts are together, but it's not like that in Flambards in Summer. Christina and Dick are very different people. The only thing that unites them is Flambards, and they have different opinions on what to do about that.

Puffin, pb, 1977

OUP, pb, 1999

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