PBOTD 10th June: Josephine Pullein-Thompson - I Had Two Ponies

PBOTD for 10th June is Josephine Pullein-Thompson's I Had Two Ponies. Even though the internet has made it much, much easier to find books, there are still people who either don't have the time, or the inclination, to find books.

It was a fairly regular occurrence for me to be rung up, usually by husbands or partners, desperate to find a book by a deadline that was fast approaching. I handed one book over to someone who turned up on the day of our family pre-Christmas party. Another request was for a copy of I Had Two Ponies, with a dustjacket. I had several copies of this hanging around at the time (and indeed still do) but none of them had a dustjacket. The only one with a jacket, albeit not one in the best of health, was mine. I took a deep breath, decided that I really only needed the text in order to be able to write about the book, and I sold it. Here it is.

Collins, 1947, 1st edn, illus Anne Bullen

Armada, pb, 1963, illus Mary Gernat

Collins Pony Library, 1974
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