PBOTD 18th June: K M Peyton - Prove Yourself a Hero

Apologies for the shortness of this post, which in no way reflects how fond I am of this book. 

Today's PBOTD is K M Peyton's Prove Yourself a Hero. It's part of her Mayfield series, and takes Jonathan and Peter's story on from The Team.  It's not really a pony book, and so theoretically shouldn't be part of this series at all, but there's a bit of horse in it, and it's an excellent book and that's enough for me.

OUP, 1977, illus the author

The book looks at what happens to a family when something extraordinary happens to it. Jonathan is kidnapped, and we see not only how it affects him, but his family, and friends. 

it is the Meredith parents, easy to write off as heartless, whose portrayal is most interesting. Jessica, Jonathan’s sister, describes what she thinks will happen when or if Jonathan is released:

“You know, even if he does come back all right, I think everything is going to be awful for a bit.!
“How so? Great rejoicings all round, I would have said.”
“Well, you know what they’re like... I mean, it’s not actually losing the money, but being—well—sort of beaten, I suppose.”
“Held to ransom. Having to do what someone else wants, for a change.”
”Yes. I’m sure they won’t just forget it. I think it’s going to be horrid. .... I bet, when they get over being glad to see Jonathan, they’ll be cross with him,” Jessica said.”

They are.

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