PBOTD 19th June: K M Peyton -A Midsummer Night's Death

PBOTD for 19th June is another in the Maybridge series, A Midsummer Night's Death (and yes, I have missed out the Pennington books, Pennington's Seventeenth Summer, The Beethoven Medal and Pennington's Heir, because they have no horse, though plenty of piano. And Patrick Pennington, of course. And they do have plenty of Ruth - now horse-free). I always preferred the more buttoned-up, enigmatic, Jonathan and Peter to the brooding passion of Patrick.

OUP, 1978, 1st edition
Jonathan is to the fore again in Midsummer Night's Death - he's certainly someone to whom things happen.  Jonathan doesn't much like his English master, but when he kills himself, there's something about it that doesn't seem quite right to Jonathan.

He begins to have suspicions that someone else was responsible. It's another story about loyalty and what you do when someone you like and admire has done something terrible.

Puffin, pb, 1981

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