PBOTD 14th June: Christine Pullein-Thompson - We Hunted Hounds

PBOTD for 14th June is Christine Pullein-Thompson's We Hunted Hounds. I lost count of the number of times I sold off my copy. I must have owned at least five, and I sold them all to people who were desperate to get one. I've had it so often, I can never quite believe I don't have it. I had to borrow one when I wrote my book, Heroines on Horseback, and when writing this post, had to check I really didn't have a copy. I really don't. Still.
Collins, 1949, 1st edn, illus Marcia Lane Foster
It's not a book I have a massive fondness for, but I do love the look of first edition with its beautiful dustjacket by Marcia Lane Foster. I love the use of white to delineate the horses, and the way the artist uses the spine of the book as part of the design.

Collins, 1949, 1st edn, illus Marcia Lane Foster

Armada, pb, 1964
Collins Pony Library, 1970s
Armda pb, 1970s
J A Allen, 1990s (updated by the author)

 Much more on Christine Pullein-Thompson


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