PBOTD 11th June: Robert Hartman - Mr Buffin and the Grey Mare

Today's PBOTD is an obscure little book. One thing I always liked about book buying was finding books I'd not heard of before. I'd never heard of either the author or the series, and sadly there's not a great deal out there on either author or series.

There are 24 books in the Buffin series, of which one can be called a horse book: Mr Buffin and His Grey Mare. The series consists of charming short stories, illustrated in colour by the artist. Dating the series is very difficult: the British Library has what I think are later printings, as some of the series were certainly in existence in the 1930s. 

The Mr Buffin Series

Mr Buffin and Fluff Rabbit
Shut-Eye and the Weathercock
Fitz Roy and Moley
Nosy and the Slipper
Ink and the Milk
Mr Buffin and his Grey Mare
Bobby Robin and the Worm
Mr Buffin and Wellington
Mo’s Adventure
Wakeful Comes to Stay
Mr Buffin and Mr Crikey
Mr Buffin and Harold Trotter
Mr Buffin and his Geese
Mr Buffin Buys a Goat
Mr Buffin Takes to Farming
Lucky Will’s Lucky Escape
Mr Buffin and Young Edmund
Mr Buffin’s Holiday with Mildred
Mr Buffin and Eric Hampole
Mr Buffin and Ruff and Tumble
Mr Buffins’ Visitor
Mr Buffin in Trouble
Mr Buffin at the Sea-side
Mr Buffin’s Poultry Farm


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