I am very slack (alright, disorganised) when it comes to spring bulbs, but planted tulips last year as I'd been given some.  They have been an absolute delight.  Another victim of my complete failure to do any of the autumn gardening tasks actually in the autumn was my irises, which remain as undivided as the day they went in.  Fortunately they do not seem to mind.


Anonymous said…
Sue Howes said…
I put in some irises in 2003. Those too have never yet been divided but they are flowering better than ever this year so maybe dividing isn't quite all it's cracked up to be?
I am a big fan of plants which look after themselves ha ha!
Jane Badger said…
Sue, maybe we're on to something. My irises are certainly having a fantastic year too, and I am right with you in liking plants that look after themselves. It's a pity that after the vicious winter a fair few of my plants gave up leaving me with gaps, which means replanting, which means A LOT of re-watering. Think I might just lead the weeds colonise temporarily.

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