Fancy Dress isn't dead part 2

I somehow missed this glory when I last blogged about the Horse Tailor site.  Using companies like this I suppose is the equivalent of my family's experience of those dress-as-a-character days at primary school.  With the acquisition of a yard or so of dung brown lining material and some rather dodgy sewing skills behold!  I had made a tunic.  If it was frayed at the edges (and it was, seriously so) never mind, I told the children.  The characters they were portraying were wretched peasants in decaying rags.  That same brown acetate tunic lives on, now used by our Church drama group, lately appearing as shepherd's garb: an unsuccessful. sheep-losing shepherd on the verge of losing his job.

But I digress.  While my children were slumming it at the inefficient end of maternal costume design, other children were making free of local costume hire shops and turning up in full Tudor regalia.  Cor, we thought.  Well, if your Pony Club has a Fancy Dress competition this summer why bother to spend hours handcrafting masterpieces?  Someone else can do it for you.   Do not know if you get paid for the advertising, but I suspect not.


Sue Howes said…
I think you need to be introduced to the Cuddly Cavies site Jane!
I must say I'm rather taken with the guinea pig dinosaur costume on the cavy site, but I think my pigs are too large to fit into the suits.

Am tempted to dress little Yoshi up though, I wonder if he'd like it!
Jane Badger said…
Thanks Sue... that site is scary. I wonder if there's a way you could combine fancy dress with horse agility?

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