Easter Bunny Roadkill

The astute reader will have spotted I haven't been blogging recently:  I've had some time off, and forswore the computer.  OH didn't look at his Blackberry, and I didn't sneak off to "just do half an hour's work" - which always turns into a lot more than an hour.  It is very easy, when you work at home, as I do, not to switch off and I thought I'd better make an effort before my nearest and dearest resorted to locking the PC away.

I hope everyone who reads this had a good Easter.  The weather has been spectacularly good here in the UK recently.  OH sneaked out and bought Easter goodies, and thought he'd stowed them away in the cool (unoccupied) pigsties.  Wrong.  They were still in the car.  Here is my roadkill Easter bunny:


Juxtabook said…
That bunny really is quite an achievement!
Jane Badger said…
Isn't it? Daughter had an Easter pancake rather than an Easter egg!

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