Taking your pony on the train

The keen pony book reader will know many books where a pony gets from A to B on a train.  Rapide arrived at Jill's on a train in Jill Has Two Ponies, and Christabel Raffington's rescued Daybreak travels on a train in Josephine Pullein-Thompson's I Had Two Ponies.  Train travelling horses were in fact legion, but I'm not sure if there's still such a thing as a horse car.  From this story on BBC Wales, it would appear not.


And then there's poor Crown Jewel in "Green Grass of Wyoming," who travels in a fancy horse box on a train car, which falls off the train atop the Rocky Mountains and is left behind. Jewel survives and thrives, but, jeepers, she deserves a refund of her ticket cost.
Jane Badger said…
Oh yes, I'd forgotten that one. It would be interesting to know when exactly the stock/horse car ceased to be. I've had a very quick Google but not come up with anything very much yet.

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