Completely UK-centric post

Look away now if you cannot get Radio 4.  Or do not listen to The Archers. This post will mean nothing to you.

I missed yesterday's episode of The Archers (long running radio soap - everyday story of farming life, for non UK people who've read this far.)  WHY WHY WHY did David feel he had to tell Lizzie all?  Though thankfully he missed out the "Are you a man or a mouse?" bit.  Was gripping the keyboard moaning SHUTUPSHUTUPSHUTUP, but did he listen?  No.  Did he leave Lizzie and her family to carry on picking up the pieces of their lives?  No.  To salve his own conscience he spilled.

And how are they all going to react?  I predict:   Kenton – thinks David monumentally stupid for spilling all but sympathises and tries to broker peace; Shula - distraught but siding with Lizzie; Jill - measured distress for all but edging towards sympathising with Lizzie; Ruth – understands now why David so keen to help Lizzie, sees why he feels he had to tell her, lots of “Oh no”.   Quite possibly furious at first.

Lizzie did seem to cotton on remarkably quickly, bearing in mind this came completely out of the blue.   If it had been me, I think I would have been much more Eastenders about it all but then the sound of the picnic being flung into the long grass wouldn’t translate as well on radio as measured but quavery denunciation.  Roll on tonight.


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