Castle Ashby Gardens and Craft Fair

Castle Ashby is the home of Earl Compton.  The house isn't open, but the gardens are, and we have been there a lot over the years.  If you are ever within spitting distance of Northamptonshire, go.  It's open right the way through the year, not just for the Craft Fair I wrote about yesterday. The gardens are tremendous, and the garden buildings amazing.

The Castle Ashby orangery is as big as the average village hall.  I am always caught between awe at its beauty and relief that it is not me who has to do the maintenance.

The Castle Ashby mulberry:

This is a Victorian beehive.  It must have been quite a sight when it was in full working order, particularly as there are two; the other being opposite.

Ah, the Craft Fair.  Some of this was of the lovingly made at the kitchen table school, which isn't quite my style, but I did like the tiny little wooden piece, all of about 2" high, by wood turner Paul Coker, and the cushions by Oh-So-Georgie.   I like strong colours and definite patterns, so the current fashion for ditsy vintage florals leaves me cold.  Nicola Hawtrey's jewellery, which I managed with stunning intelligence not to photograph, is not in the least ditsy. 


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