I love my roses with a passion and every year I do a blog post about them.  I have a couple (well, three) new ones this year, and will get another one later this week.  The roses really mark the end of the point at which our garden is interesting.  I always mean to buy more interesting stuff for later in the year, but never do.

Here is Blanc Double de Coubert (I think - I can't find the label).

the White Rose of York:

Mme Jacques Cartier - it is her first year flowering properly.

Fantin Latour, which is having another spectacular year.


Anonymous said…
Beautiful. I love old roses.
Jane Badger said…
Yes, me too. I could bore on about them for ages! HTs are just not the same, though I do appreciate their ability to repeat flower, and a neighbour has some rather fetching pale yellow ones with an apricot tint which look stunning at the moment. Not sure even that is enough to make me crack though!
Barbara said…
Really beautiful roses! We have four climbing roses in our garden and they are covered in blooms this year - must be the sunshine or the extra helping of compost I gave them.

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