Ephemera - Christine Pullein Thompson, The First Rosette

I've just bought this copy of Christine Pullein-Thompson's The First Rosette.  Its original owner had created this rather charming addition, as the book doesn't have its dustjacket.  The head and rosette motif is removable (it's been placed behind a removable plastic cover) but I thought I'd leave it as it was.


Love ephemera. Saddest yard-sale moment was when I bought a very old book and the seller suddenly decided to open it up and shake it out and claim all the ephemera inside it. Nothing incredibly personal like letters inside it, just bits and bobs, but *still.* Love how some girl clearly labored over that little horse and rosette.
It must have been a favourite book!
Barbara said…
Lovely idea to keep it with the book. Finding 'treasure' inside always makes my day!

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