May's pony book releases

Here's a round up of this month's pony book releases.  It might well be that there are more, so if anyone knows of anything please let me know.  I will be reviewing some of these titles soon (says she, making herself a hostage to fortune.  Had better get on NOW with the really needing very urgently indeed to be reviewed pile.)

K M Peyton - Paradise House
This month’s major pony book news is the appearance of K M Peyton’s latest book.  It’s a move awayfrom the historical stories she’s concentrated on of late, and back to the world of racing which has producedsome of her strongest stories.  The book’s about Alice Ticino, whose pony bolts, but rather than crashinginto disaster, crashes into a family of strangers who befriend Alice and give her free rein at their racingstables.  Alice feels a bond with Snatchcorn, a lovely but lethal stallion.

Pippa Funnell - Goliath the Rescue Horse
Episode 13 in the Tilly’s Pony Tails series is now out.  In this story, Tilly meets a neglected Shire horse called Goliath and tries to find him a home.

Jessica Burkhart - Chosen (Super Special)
Part of the Canterwood Crest series, this came out in paperback on 3rd May.

Jane Royston - Follyfoot Remembered
Follyfoot, the tv serial, is 40 this year.  The programme was absolutely essential viewing for any pony mad child of the 1970s, with the glamorous Steve and Dora and of course all those horses. This book has been written by Jane Royston, who was Horse Manager on the series for four years.  If you are yearning to find out what has become of the actors, there are interviews with many of them.  There's also an episode-by-epidode listing and background information from cast and crew.  The book's out in May, and will cost £14.99.

Catherine Hapka - Pony Scouts: At the Show
Catherine Hapka & Georgina Bloomberg - The A Circuit
The next episode of Catherine Hapka’s early reader series is out at the beginning of this month. She has a new series aimed at the older reader out this month too - The A Circuit being the first out.  It’s about life on the American show circuit, as experienced by a varied group of teenagers.

Jane Smiley - Secret Horse
Out on 2nd June (not May I know, but near enough) is Jane Smiley’s follow up to Nobody’s Horse.This was one of my favourite reads of 2010, so I’m very much looking forward to seeing what Jane Smiley does with Abby now.  As with the first title, this book has had a new cover and title for the UK market.


Anonymous said…
Can't wait for the Jane Smiley - and can't believe she's done two books in the same genre - she must love pony books as much as we all do!
Jane Badger said…
I have one to review - lucky me. Am very very tempted to shove it to the top of the pile....

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