The horse head fiddle

I should have read the email telling me about this with more care.  When I went to to the recommended page and read about the horse head fiddle in the local history collection at Moyses Hall, Suffolk, I thought at first it was called that because of a similarity in shape:  wrong.  It's called a horse head fiddle because it is made out of a horse's skull.  Apparently it sounds as bad as it looks.  Scroll down (right to the end) to see it in all its glory.  Alas the picture doesn't enlarge.

Many thanks to Rosemary Hall for telling me about this.


I don't know which was worse, the horsehead fiddle or the dessicated cat above it.

I do love the notion of the snail-shell model of a church, though. Funny to think of people in ancient times sitting around doing the equivalent of a modern-day guy sequestering himself in a basement to paint tiny little soldier figurines in precise patterns or making a model of the Golden Gate Bridge out of toothpicks.

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