PBOTD 7th July: Diana Pullein-Thompson - The Hermit's Horse

The Hermit's Horse is an unusual pony story, as it involves a character with a serious mental illness. Matthew and Sophie are not supposed to go near the hermit's house, and until he acquires a large bay horse, they don't. This is a story which doesn't have an easy ending, but it's well worth reading.

The original was illustrated by a photograph of Diana Pullein-Thompson's children, and does at least portray some of the major elements of the story.

Armada 1974
The Severn House edition, however, features the one of the saddest photographs of a horse I've seen. I wonder if that was what was wanted: a horse readers would feel sorry for and want to rescue. For me, it's just offputting. The horse looks miserable, but not in need of rescue.

Severn House, 1985

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