PBOTD 24th July: Judith M Berrisford - Jackie and the Pony Trekkers

I can't do a series on Welsh ponies without featuring the uber Welsh pony of the pony book world: Judith M Berrisford's Misty. Misty is the pony Jacqueline Hope wins in a competition, and who stars with her in a sixteen book series that was for decades the longest British pony series.

Jackie and the Pony Trekkers (1963) sees Jackie and Misty, and Jackie's cousin Babs, embark on their usual holiday adventure away from their family. Jackie and Babs are off to help at a pony trekking centre in Wales. Although Jackie and Babs constantly want to help, their efforts always meet with failure, at least to start with, and so it goes with Jackie and the Pony Trekkers. Misty is denounced as a kicker, and Jackie and Babs get the blame for anything and everything that goes wrong after that: and a lot does go wrong.

As ever, they manage to redeem themselves at last.

The Jackie series:
Jackie Won a Pony, 1958
Ten Ponies and Jackie, 1959
Jackie’s Pony Patrol, 1961
Jackie and the Pony Trekkers, 1963
Jackie’s Pony Camp Summer, 1968
Jackie and the Pony Boys, 1970
Jackie’s Show Jumping Surprise, 1973
Jackie and the Misfit Pony, 1976
Jackie on Pony Island, 1977
Jackie and the Pony Thieves, 1978
Jackie and the Phantom Ponies, 1979
Jackie and the Moonlight Pony, 1980
Jackie and the Pony Rivals, 1981
Jackie and the Missing Showjumper, 1982
Change Ponies, Jackie! 1983
Jackie’s Steeplechase Adventure, 1984
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