PBOTD 20th July: Carolyn Henderson - The Grey Ghost

Grey Ghost was Carolyn Henderson's first work of fiction. It was published in 1992. Carolyn has not stood still since then: she's written over 30 non fiction titles on the horse, ranging from children's books for Dorling Kindersley to works on showing for J A Allen (including a book on showing written with Katie Jerram).

The Grey Ghost is one of the earliest incursions into pony book fantasy. Heroine Corinne finds a plaque with Grey Ghost’s name on it in the tack room of an old house. Corrine’s riding school is threatened with closure, so she’s not sure if she’ll be able to keep up riding. Her father is long absent, and Corinne wants to trace him, but will this cause even more problems with her mother?

It'll be interesting to see how this dream-come-true story matches up with Carolyn's latest book, which will be a coming of age story aimed at teenagers. Published by new equestrian fiction house Forelock, it's called Beside Me. 

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