PBOTD 5th May: Barbara May - Buckle Horse

In a tenuous attempt to be seasonal, today's PBOTD is by American author Barbara May. Buckle Horse (1956), is a true story, told from the point of view of the horse.

Holt, 1956, 1st edition, illus Paul Brown
Fling was born in Kentucky, and starts his working life as a racehorse and jumper. When his owner dies, he's bought by another trainer and all goes well until there's an accident on the way home from a race. Fling gets free and is lost in the Pennsylvania hills. He is found, but not by his owner. He's trained to jump, and is disguised in order to compete. All ends happily in the end when original owner Bill and his girlfriend Allison find the horse again.

For more on the author, try her page on my blog.  
For much more on illustrator Paul Brown, try here.


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