PBOTD 27th May: Kitty Barne - Rosina Copper

Rosina Copper (1954) is the true story of a pony bought almost too weak to walk, but who blossomed into a new career as a show horse. There is a mystery about her earlier life, and two people in her life who know more than they’re telling, but at last the truth comes out.

Evans, 1954, 1st edn, Alfons Putscher
Mary Gibson, who bought Rosina, won over 100 rosettes with her, and the mare became a well known fixture at shows. For several years, Mary Gibson held birthday parties for Rosina, which were so well attended road signs had to be put up directing people to the party.

 Rosina was a tough pony: she survived a hard life as a polo pony and neglect, and died at the age of 43.

Zebra Paperbacks, 1966, illus Clyde Pearson
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