PBOTD 21st May: Gunnel Linde - Ponies in the Luggage

Gunnel Linde is a Swedish author, born in Stockholm in 1924. Several of her books have been translated into English: only one is a pony book (or at least, a book involving ponies). 

Dent, 1968, 1st UK edition, illus Richard Kennedy
Ponies in the Luggage is a good read: at first I wondered if the author was going to make this a wild and unbelievable romp, but she doesn’t. Aunt Tina invites Nicklas and Anneli for a holiday in Copenhagen. 
Once there, they manage to win a pony in the Zoo’s lottery, and then have to keep the pony in their hotel, and smuggle him back to their home in Stockholm without letting anyone know they have him. 

Puffin, 1972, pb, illus Richard Kennedy
The pony does indeed live in their hotel room, his droppings have to be cleared up, and his noises explained.... It is pretty much a miracle that Aunt Tina doesn’t spot the pony, particularly when they are all sharing their sleeper on the train back to Stockholm, but she doesn’t. Fortunately the children's parents are enchanted rather than horrified when they all eventually make it back to Stockholm.

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