January Sale - Children's Books

For the whole of January, I'm doing 20% off all non-pony children's books.  There's no minimum spend.  My children's stock tends to reflect what I enjoyed reading myself as a child, so there's a fair number of classic Puffins.  I was very fond of the Puffin Picture series, and there's several of these still available, including A Book of Swimming, down from £10 to £8.

I think Kaye Webb and her predecessor, Eleanor Graham, were supreme choosers of children's books:  even now, if I want to read a vintage children's book, I will tend to pick a Puffin as I know I will enjoy it.  I have a particularly soft spot for the classic covers of the 1950s:

Columbus Sails is 80p, down from £1.00, and Fell Farm Campers is £4.00, down from £5.00.  There's plenty of more modern Puffins too, like Elizabeth Enright's The Saturdays (£2.40, down from £3.00) and Brian Fairfax Lucy's excellent Children of the House (£0.80).

I still like historical stories now, and was a devoted fan of Rosemary Sutcliff while I was at school.  It's a pity my knowledge of The Eagle of the Ninth didn't go anywhere towards improving my Latin unseen translation ability.  The Oxford printing of her Warrior Scarlet is £2.40, down from £3.00.

Rosemary Sutcliff I still enjoy reading now:  Enid Blyton alas I simply can't do. I do think though that her books are very attractive bits of design, and I am fond of the Eileen Soper dustjackets for the Famous Five series.  The copy of Five on a Hike Together has a photocopied dustjacket, and is at £3.20, down from £4.00.

The artist and author BB is someone I only came too rather late in life, despite being brought up only a few miles from where he lived.  His Manka, Sky Gipsy is one of his later titles, and this one is at £16.00, down from £20.00.


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