Edith Reynolds Model Horses

This post follows on from earlier blog posts I did which featured the Edith Reynolds model horses:

Here are a few more advertisements for the Edith Reynolds model horses.

These were expensive little toys. It's not easy to do a direct price comparison, but I'll have a go. Riding Magazine was priced at 1/- in 1938, which is when these advertisements were published. Horse and Hound now costs £2.40. If you assume an equivalence in price, that makes the huntsman, rider, tack and hounds come out at nearly £137.00. The 8 guinea setup comes out at around £400. Looking around, that's not too far off today's Equorum or Julip Originals models.

I'm fascinated by the variation in size of the horses here. Perhaps the horses came in different scales.

Many thanks too to Randi Risolio who sent me a photograph of an Edith Reynolds horse, rider and tack found at an estate sale.

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Bettina said…
is very useful for converting historic money to an equivalent spending worth today.
Unknown said…
The advert for the stable sets refers to 'No 1 size horses', so maybe they did indeed come in different scales.

They must have been lovely toys - reminds me rather of 'Brownie', On'y Tony's toy horse. And as you say, very expensive.
Unknown said…
My mothers best friend had one of these. It needed to be re-furred and always creeped me out big time when I was a kid.

The ponies were identified as Edith Reynolds, as we had a conversation about them on the Julip forum I belong to. As the people who are more knowledgeable about Edith Reynolds than me, I am inclined to believe them.
As for the Julip originals, well the company usually stops taking orders during December and starts production in mid Jan. However the recession has taken effect on Julip: a member of staff (who was so lovely and helpful I spoke to her on the phone - I have only ever spoke to Annabel - the owner - once) has had to be let go.

Unfortunately this has also co-incidenced with the owners of the premises that Julip was based at: they have decided to turn the workshops into holiday cottages. This means that the owner now has to find suitable other premises. Another toy retailer (Farm Toys Online) has taken on the stocking and posting out of the Horse of the Year (the plastic versions) Julips.

That means that unfortunately until Annabel has found new premises and set up the various machinery needed to make the Julips then we will not see the return of the Originals. I believe that over Christmas Annabel was finishing all pre-existing orders before the cut off date at her own home & then sending them when they were finished.

Annabel has said that when they have found new premises (whenever that will be!) and got set up, that sales of the Originals will continue as possible. She also said that the design will change (apparently her husband is in charge website wise) of the website, giving you the choice of either choosing the HOTYs or the Originals.

So yes, circumstances have dictated that Julip is much an "one man band" at the moment. Annabel does not have anything to do with the running of the forum (j-club) and the moderators are other collectors. So the fact that the forum is up and running, and updated is a completely different issue to all of the above.
"sales of the Originals will continue as possible".

Sorry that was a typo. I meant that the sales of the Originals will continue as soon as possible (darn the lack of editing facility).
Jane Badger said…
Thanks for that bevi; that's an excellent link. 8 guineas comes out as a bit over £300.

I'd missed the bit about No 1 size horses, Gillian. I wonder if the big ones were the same size as the old SIndy horses? Difficult to tell from the picture.

Sydney, I would have been creeped out by something needing to be refurred and I do wonder how they did it. Having had a closer look at one on ebay, they seem quite anatomically accurate apart from the eyes, which are spookily large. Was it the eyes that did it to you?

PTA - thank you; that clears up what's happening. I do hope the Originals are resurrected soon.
tabitha said…
My mum has two of these horses, one smaller than the other- she remembers them as coming in just two sizes. They have sadly lost their tack but are still very nice horses, my daughter is now the third generation of the family to play with them.
I was looking at them today and googled Edith Reynolds out of curiosity- and it led me to your blog!
I would gladly send you a picture if you have an email address I can use?
Jane Badger said…
Thank you Tabitha - that would be great. If you can send the pic to janebadger dot books at btinternet dot com that would be great!
Siobehn said…
Hi , I have what I believe to be one of them.....but I am not sure. How can you tell for sure ? It is in mint condition, and even has real leather braided halter and reins. Where would I go to find out if it is one of hers and it's value ?
Anonymous said…
I have collected many Edith Reynolds over the years they are in at least 6 sizes, from v small ponies at 3 1/2 inch to ears, up to large, aprox 13 inch to ears, mostly fur covered. The leather ones seen much rarer.

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