Morning walk, 26th July 2012

Misty morning. Scaffolding up on the church tower - an anonymous donor has paid for the clock face to be re-gilded. I am so used to it being a bit on the dull side that it had never occurred to me that re-gilding was an option. I'm looking forward to seeing what it will be like (though there might be a bit of a wait - though the scaffolding went up yesterday, signs of work being done today there are none).

Dog, ah, dog. You know you're not allowed inside, don't you? And you know why. I don't know if you, readers, know about the Neverseconds blog - the author grades her school meals, and hair quotient is one of the measures. I think one of the measures of my walks should be FPI - fox poo incidents. FPI=1.


madwippitt said…
Oh go on. You'll get used to the smell eventually.
Jane Badger said…
No. I won't. I lack moral fibre, I know.

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