Morning walk, 23rd July 2012

Sun! Apologies for those of you in the north who have none. 

Here is a picture of my shadow. There is no picture of what happened next. One moment I was striding along after the dog, the next I was face down in the wet grass. The camera was sodden, I was a tad damp, and deeply, deeply grateful that my plummet had avoided the very fresh dog poo and the squashed fox poo  not that far from my face. Dog was utterly unconcerned by my disappearance. Obviously photographing the floor, she thought.

Now upright again and setting off after the distant blonde blob that is the dog.


madwippitt said…
What a sensible and unperturbable dog you have!
Ouch! Clearly you're OK as you resumed your activities. I remember reading the original version of "Pinocchio" and thinking it was hysterical that Gepetto, when lying on the floor and asked what he was doing, said he was teaching the alphabet to the ants; that's what I would've thought you were up to.
Jane Badger said…
Only unpeturbable about some things. Fortunate1y there were no sky monsters about (hot air balloons, hang gliders, motorised hang gliders) or dogs on leads, who are only on leads because they want to kill her. There is rather a long list.

Christina, those ants were a disappointment. They just didn't want to LEARN.

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