Morning walk - 10th July 2012

Drear day, helped immeasurably by dog being determined to change herself into a chocolate labrador by rolling in fox poo rather than chocolate.


LittleMe said…
Nothing like a nice bit of fox poo to start the day eh? Hope all well otherwise x
madwippitt said…
Very artistic scent-picture. Hope you got your nose down close and inhaled deeply to thoroughly appreciate the bouquet ... and remembered to thank her for sharing with you ...
Jane Badger said…
You're right Littleme. Baby poo was never this vile. All is ok: have been head down trying to finish my book, which has, it's fair to say, eaten my life.

Madwippit, well of course I did. Who could resist? Alas not the labrador. I think she felt the strength of my thanks. You'll see her eyes are closed as she thinks on her deeds.
Oh, ick. She certainly found a good patch! The leash in that last picture looks a bit like a stick that you're using to keep her at bay!
Jane Badger said…
Yes, didn't she? Are you back in the US now? It was lovely to meet you!

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