Morning walk, 16th July 2012

Poor sheep. The lambs have gone off to market, and all weekend they called. This morning they are quiet.


The grasses are busy seeding, but at least the dog's coat seems to shed most of them off. When we have the Sprocker, we spend hours, and hours, and hours removing STUFF from her coat. I am pretty useless on which grass is which, but I am determined to spend a bit of time this week finding out which is which. I particularly like the top one. Do you like to strip the seeds from it as you walk past? I have done this ever since I was small, and never once have I wondered exactly which grass it was I was doing it to.


Sue Howes said…
I do strip the seeds as I walk along - doesn't everyone? No idea what they are though (except irresistible to ponies ha!)

Am jealous of your sun.

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