Fancy Dress

I was fossicking about in PONY magazine from 1966 earlier this week, trying to see if the Win-a-Pony competition that Dragon Books ran back then actually had a winner. Yes, it did. It was Barbara Slack, from RAF Topcliffe.

Whilst going through the magazines, I came across some more fancy dress, which regular readers will know I have a bit of a thing about. So here, from 1966, are a couple of fine examples.

I love the pony as tea table: I love the tree at his nose even more. The exhibit was the Mad Hatter's Tea Party, which I guess you can work out as long as you are not distracted, like me, by what was on the table and how it stayed there. No super glue in those days.

And here, because I love the look on Mary's face, is "Mary and Joseph", who came from Wellingborough, our nearest town. I'm not quite sure what Mary is holding there, but she does look as if this costume class is the absolute last place she wants to be. She's riding a jenny - a rare appearance.

Photographs courtesy of PONY Magazine

If you liked that, there's more fancy dress here:

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madwippitt said…
Ah, for those days free of health and safety, when fancy dress meant really making an effort, and when you got bucked off, you arose from the ground with nothing worse than dented pride and as few bruises ...

Mind you, I always liked the minimalist idea for fancy from Pony Duet - the rider wears a green swimsuit or leotard and red swimming cap, and a label is attached to the pony's tail reading 'Horse' and another one on the rider's back reading 'Radish'
Liz Broomfield said…
Thanks again for doing the research to find out that someone did win Flicka the pony!

Jane Badger said…
My pleasure! When I have a moment, I'll have a look through the rest of 1967 to see if there's a story on the happy winner. If she was happy and it all worked out, which I hope it did.
madwippitt said…
If you get as far as 1982 look out for my pony Splash who starred in 'Making of a Show Pony' written by none other than Caroline Akrill!
(Although I didn't actually own him until he was retired ...)
Paula Cooper said…
I love these old pictures and madwippitt is so correct, people used to make such as effort when dressing up. I just don't believe this to be the case anyone.

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