Morning walk, 13th July 2012

Is it odd to actually love waterproof trousers? Because I do. It's impossible to move quietly in them, they're not what Anna Wintour would wear, but I do not care.

Slugs and snails were out in force today, even eating nettles. Nettles! Dog I kept firmly where I could see her at all times, lest we have a repetition of the fox poo incident. She didn't appreciate this, so did her labrador cow act, which involves her attempting, rather inefficiently, to eat grass, getting some stuck in her throat, and then hacking and coughing for the rest of the walk. Maybe cows don't actually do the last, come to think of it.


I brought along waterproof trousers on my recent visit to the UK, convinced I'd need them, but amazingly we had quite good weather and I didn't (they just added to the weight of our biggest bag, which got labeled with the embarrassing orange HEAVY label on each flight; guess I should be glad they did not slap one on me!). Funny about the dog's performance--we too have some walks in which we've barely gotten 10 steps from the door when the labrador cow act starts!
Jane Badger said…
We had one particularly good walk when I met up with a friend and her three dogs, and all of them were doing the cow act. I'm glad you didn't need the waterproof trousers when you came over!

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