Morning Walk, 9th May 2012

Drear, but good weather for these:

and for developing my mud and puddle obsession. They do have their own particular beauty.

But I can't, try as I might, get excited about the beauties of fox pooh. Unlike the dog.

Lots more of these:


madwippitt said…
Hope the save Irchester campaign has more success than the 'No to
HS2' campaign down here seems to be having. What part of 'no' do these people not understand? Roll them all in fox poo, and then maybe they'll grasp the concept of 'undesirable' and 'unwanted'
Jane Badger said…
There are some pretty vitriolic pro-development comments in the local press, so not everyone's against it. Not that that necessarily makes any difference. I guess that HS2 is now a done deal: it's probably not a lot of comfort, but we live very near the railway line here and you do tune it out. We don't hear it clearly unless the wind's in the right (wrong) direction. I walk the dog along it quite often and even she (nervy biscuit to end all nervy biscuits) doesn't mind the trains.
Jane Badger said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jane Badger said…
Managed to post the same comment twice - nothing sinister was deleted!

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