Morning walk, 25th May 2012

Another lovely day. Particularly pleased at the glossy and clean state of our side gate, when compared with what it looked like yesterday.

Huge celebrations at church this weekend as that's when the village is doing their Jubilee festival. I met the lady organising the flower festival of it a couple of days ago, who commented on how laid back I was about the whole thing. I might have been at that point, but I have been moaning about it for months. And months. I'm amazed my friends are still talking to me. Anyway, the theme is Kings and Queens through the Ages. Mine is supposed to be King of Kings.


I thought I would try for a charming shot of the dog, trotting towards me. She is pretty good, and will usually come when called.

Except now.

And now.
And now.

Because she was BUSY.

And went away to be busy again.



madwippitt said…
Dogs truly understand the importance of being busy with the right sort of things.
That is NOT the same gate. :)
Jane Badger said…
Took four buckets of filthy, foul water before it got to that state. Of course I will NEVER let it get that bad again (hollow, hollow laughter).

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